Our Most Popular Bar/Bat Mitzvah Games

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Ah, the classics.  This game is played at 99.9% of all Bar Bat Mitzvahs across the country.  How it’s played.  Each person finds a partner and lines up across the dance floor from each other.  One side is Coke and the other side is Pepsi; have the Bar/Bat Mitzvah person choose the side which he/she wants to be and the kids are allowed to switch sides at that time. When the DJ says “coke” the coke side runs over to the pepsi side and sits on their partner knee. If the DJ says “pepsi”, the opposite happens. If the MC says “Dr. Pepper” the kids switch sides, but not their names. If the DJ says any other cola and a team member begins to run, their team is eliminated. The last team player to make it to the otherside and sits down is eliminated. All players are eliminated to the last couple. Game play time: 15 minutes

This team based interactive scavenger hunt is a riot.  Adults and kids get together at their table and create Teams and are given numbers.  As a team, they will be required to find items or perform physical challenges to earn points. Game play time: 20 minutes.

This is kid competition at its finest.  This is a relay race with sturdy and attractive trikes. Game play time: 15 minutes

The Gift that keeps on giving.  This timed event is sure to get all of the kids involved.  Depending on how many children are present, we create teams of 1 person in a chair and at least 5 “decorators”.  Using TP or gift wrap paper as the foundation for the wrapping, guests are encouraged to gather as many items from around the room to decorate our chair volunteer.  Prizes are awarded to best decorated team.  Oh, and prizes can also be awarded to our best “cleaner”.  Mess happens.

Adults vs. The Kids OR Boys vs. Girls.  This competition can get pretty loud because you can’t help but want to sing along to your favorite songs as loud as you can.  In fact, we encourage it.  From opposite sides of the floor, our 2 opposing teams must battle it out to see who is our best group performers.  Wireless microphones are handed out and passed around so everyone gets a chance to be heard.

Do my feet look to big in these?!?  This is a team based relay race. The children get to run their hearts out as quickly as possible around a small obstacle course. Quickest team wins.  Multiple teams can be created so everyone gets a chance to play. Game time play: 10 minutes

Hold your ears.  This game can be a little noisy.  The object of this game is simple.  Blow up a balloon as big as you can and tie it off.  The largest balloon wins. Game time play: 10 minutes

Let’s face it.  Some kids have great Hula skills.  OK, so now let’s put that to the test.  This is a standard Hula Hoop contest. We start by having them spin the hoop around their waist.  That’s the easy part.  Then we throw in a lifting of one foot, jumping up and down, spinning in a circle, the list continues.  Last remaining player with a hoop still spinning wins. 6 to 12 hoops can be brought to ensure everyone can play. Multiple rounds are played until we get to the finale. Game play time: 15-20 minutes

Tug ‘O War.  A game as old as time.  This game is best played when everyone is in “Socks”.  Either our Bar/Bat Mitzvah hosts supply them or PartyMasterz can.  No shoes allowed here. Children are spaced out evenly on both sides.  Whichever team pulls the hardest, wins.  Side note:  after our typical game play for the kids, its awesome to see several of our adults tug against ALL the kids. Game play time: 10-15 minutes

Guest Of Honor Trivia.  There are multiple ways to play this trivia game.  Our personal favorite is an elimination game having our guest of honor on one of our wireless microphones and ask the questions. The typical trivia challenge is “How well do you know me?”.  The players are given two choices for a correct answer and must go to the side of the dance floor that they think is correct.

Game play time: 15 minutes

Balloon Stomp Huggy Bear Limbo Contest Musical Chairs Simon Says… Twist Contest Marshmallow Sculpting Game Balloon T-Shirt Game Hot Potato Traditional Scavenger hunt The Golf Putt

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