Kids Party Hard.

ATTENTION: Parents, Teachers and Class Advisors.

Throughout the years, PartyMasterz has entertained a wide range of school events from proms and post proms to homecoming dances. Our DJs are trained to entertain all grade levels.

The our music library is constantly updated every week with clean versions of the most current hits. DJs play music requests throughout the evening. We work together with students, teachers and committee members to make sure everyone’s needs are being met and we can easily customize the music to fit the theme of the dance and or theme.

It’s our job to fulfill the roll of Master of Ceremony to keep the party moving in a fun and organized way. PartyMasterz will make announcements so no one will miss a single moment and can provide a wireless microphone to be used by teachers and students for special announcements.

PartyMasterz utilizes state of the art sound and club style lighting equipment.
The lighting package can be upgraded to include a laser light show and fog/bubble/foam machine to enhance the effects for a prom or dance.

PartyMasterz knows how to keep students entertained and teachers happy by delivering and excitable, yet responsible evening that the students will enjoy.

There isn’t a set, fixed price for all school events. Please contact us directly for more information.

Contact us to Plan easy. Party hard.