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200% Money Back No Show Guarantee

Think we’re kidding? Nope. It’s no joke. It’s our “NO SHOW” Policy.

Yes, it’s true!! If, for any reason PartyMasterz does not show up for the duration of your contracted event as promised, we offer a Money Back Guarantee of 200% of the total cost of our services for your event.

So if your event costs $1000 and we don’t show up as promised, we’ll refund you $2000.00!!

One of the most common worries a client has is,

“Will the DJ show up?”

This is our way of assuring you that we will… Every time!

So, what if there is an over turned semi with chickens all over the road, or a hurricane that downs all sorts of trees and houses on the road, or an asteroid is in the middle of the road? Showing up late is probably going to happen. If it does, PartyMasterz will work with you to come to some reasonable reimbursement. These are those “uh oh” moments we certainly can’t control. Please don’t be one of those horror stories where the entertainment never showed up. Believe me, we have heard some real doozies! With PartyMasterz 200% Money Back Guarantee, you can feel confident that you are not only receiving top notch, unsurpassed entertainment, but a guarantee that we will be there.
The fact of the matter is WE SHOW UP ON TIME, EVERY TIME. Contact us today to find out more!

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