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Lighting & Special Effects

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Colorful lighting can make the difference for your event. Want to see your name in lights? It creates a stunningly elegant effect that will enhance practically any reception hall or event center. When your guests enter the room for your event, the atmosphere of the room will play a major role in setting the proper tone (or ambiance) over any of the person’s senses. It creates an initial impression and, when done properly, it raises the expectations of guests which is key to a successful event. When your guests come in, impressed and expecting a good time, it makes the entire night come together. Uplighting can add just that little bit of a wow factor to any room. Give us a call today to see how we can brighten your event!

Collage of different colored uplighting option


We use LED par can fixtures exclusively (these won’t burn curious children) and generally place them against the wall baseboards, aiming up along the wall. They can be programmed to gently roll between colors or to stay on a single, static color or sometimes we might alternate between two different colors (one color, one white for example), depending on the client’s wishes. These are used to accentuate wall space and room architecture and can be dramatic or subdued (sparse). More lights give you a dramatic look and less lights accent a room nicely.

Monogram “GOBO”

A Monogram/GOBO projector is mostly used to project a monogram or phrase onto either a ceiling, wall, or dance floor. It can be as simple as a single-letter monogram or as elaborate as a full-color photo. Dance floor projection is most common but we can place wherever you choose, such as a wall behind the head table, fireplace or ceiling. The only limit is your imagination. The imagery is customized to you and your event.


Another accent to uplighting is Pin-Spotting, used to highlight specific items such as the wedding cakes, ice sculptures, table centerpieces, etc. Photographers especially love this as it makes the shot “jump off the page”. We’re happy to custom-design any arrangement you might want.

Blisslight Star Laser

Blisslight is the world’s leading manufacturer of star system lasers and we are proud to include this in every Uplighting package we offer. This effect projects an entire star system, complete with nebula, that slowly moves across the ceiling and walls. The effect is dazzling and is usually the first thing your guests will notice. From the moment they enter the room, you’ll see their mouths open and when it’s time for your first dance, you’ll be “dancing under the stars”.

LED Dance Floor

Events will never be the same with the latest in lighting technology!  This is not a cheap add-on, but WHOA!, its worth it.

Rent this portable interactive light up video floor to enhance events. No matter what type of entertainment you are planning or have hired, the interactive LED floor is perfect for bar mitzvahs, weddings, sweet 16 parties, trade show booth flooring, fashion show runways and more. This rental floor can display videos, photos, custom logos or monograms, scroll text and even provide an interactive experience that will fascinate young and curious minds. Rent this LED light up floor for your event!

This takes any event to the NEXT LEVEL.

Dancing On Clouds

Imagine your first dance.
Yeah, we can do that.
PartyMasterz can provide a professional dry ice machine which produces a thick, white fog that hugs the floor and dissipates without rising.

Visikord Dance System

To Date. PartyMasterz Is The Only Local Entertainment Company To Possess This System.

Visikord creates a new way for yor guests to interact at your party while making spectacular visuals. Visikord’s interactive visuals stimulates the guests to move and jump and interact with each other through the screen. This system puts the audience on the big screen where they dance freestyle or play a dance matching game as a way to have fun or break ice.

In this example, there’s some heavy head-banger music.  Any type of music can be requested for this activity.
*As seen at the Ben Franklin Museum in Philadelphia!

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