Novelty Entertainment

Add novelty entertainment to your event.  We work with Novelty Professionals throughout the Eastern US.  Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll hire them for you.  Many times, we can work out special rates to reduce costs. Give us a call or send us an email to see the endless array of available entertainers.

You may not have a crowd that likes to dance at your party so music may not be your thing. Add games, artists, magicians or other talent to your event that your guests will love. 

Novelty entertainment can be more!  Our EXTREMELY popular Music Bingo and Trivia Quest are great alternatives for parties and fundraisers.  These aren’t games we only play in bars.  Our Music Bingo has over 50 categories to choose from. Trivia Quest can be geared towards any age, group or theme. Both options are family-friendly and add a whole new level of excitement and fun to any event. 

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Quick note: Expecting to see something listed here, and don’t see it, all you have to do is ask.
If we listed ALL of the games we’ve ever played, you might forget why you came to our site.

Costume Characters

Add a celebrity to the mix with your child’s (or your) favorite character. There are many characters available to choose from. The actors know the best way to interact with the young and young at heart. You can expect a memorable visit so be sure to have the camera ready.  Select from princesses, superheroes, movie and TV characters, mermaids, mascots, and many more. There are multiple package options to choose from for your event. Adding this element of novelty entertainment to your party will have smiles on the faces of EVERYONE!

Novelty Airbrush Artist

Airbrush t-shirts and tattoos are a unique way to make your event memorable and its fun for guests of all ages! Talented artists offer hundreds of designs to choose from and can feature specific designs to match the theme of your event. Staff is experienced, flexible and friendly! Whether you choose personalized airbrushed apparel, temporary tattoos, henna tattoos or even amazing hand art, guests will enjoy taking a walk on the wild side and will leave your event with a fun reminder of a great night!

Novelty Caricature Artist

Delight your guests with fun, fast, incredible likenesses they’ll love to own and a performance they’ll love to watch. See yourself as a cowboy, a space man, or a body builder with limitless imagination! Our novelty entertainment caricaturists love what they do and you’ll have a great time while they “recreate” your likeness.

Novelty Paint Tattoo Artist

Our tattoo artist will apply temporary tattoos on the arms of guests. Guests can choose from a collection of designs from hearts and colorful flowers to large tribal armbands, wild tigers, beautiful fairies, etc.

Balloon Artist

Our balloon artists will create shapes that guests of every age will enjoy! Creating shapes from balloons of all colors and sizes, some with movable parts, can keep a crowd mesmerized for hours. Why not be accompanied by your balloon dog or get your motor runnin’ with your very own motorcycle! This is a fun and creative way to keep the kids of all ages entertained.

Magician & Mentalist

Magicians can make rabbits appear out of the air, find a coin inside a lemon or put pieces of string back together while keeping your guests on the edge of their seats. Kids are wowed and adults are challenged. This is a great entertainment option for kids, corporate events and breaks in the action at any event or any party!

Face Painter

Everybody loves a good painting, but it’s a work of art when it’s on your face! This very popular activity for kids can be a memorable addition to your party. Using washable paints, our artists make your child’s face come alive with a colorful flower or vivacious zoo animal! Kids love to watch as the painter is in action and marvel at how quickly this is done. Add color and fun to your event by adding a Face Painter.

Stilt Walker or Uni-cyclist

These talented performers will provide a level of entertainment above the rest!  Unicyclist Novelty Entertainment of Berks and Lehigh These novelties have previously been enjoyed in parades, festivals, street events and corporate functions. Now you can have your very own stilt walkers or unicyclist in your own backyard or venue of your choice for added appeal.

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