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PRE – Professional Referral Exchange

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Why join a networking group? Here’s a great example and explanation of why to B2B.

Benefits Of Membership

Why Join a Business Networking Group?

Thank you for your interest in joining Professional Referral Exchange! Please keep in mind these benefits of becoming a member:
  • Be the only person in your business category in your Chapter.
  • Have the opportunity to receive “qualified” business referrals to expand your customer base and generate more business.
  • Connect with fellow members who aggressively act as a sales force for your business and are committed to helping you succeed.
  • Follow a proven structured weekly meeting agenda to improve your opportunities to generate business.
  • Present information about your business each week to enhance “word of mouth” advertising.
  • Have the ability to refer business to and receive business from professionals you know, like and trust.
  • Access a business potential of 250+ people times the number of members in your Chapter.
  • Develop long term friendships and experience the satisfaction that comes from helping other people.
  • Recognize opportunities to act as a resource for your clients and associates.
  • Get greater exposure for your business as more people join your Chapter.
  • Be supported by an Advisory Board of experienced PRE Members who evaluate ideas for overall organization development and effectiveness.
  • Receive a monthly newsletter from your Chapter that tallies referrals, shares articles and communicates information.
  • Participate in personal development sessions on effective networking techniques to improve your abilities.
  • Gain insights and tips from Business professionals in your Chapter that help you manage your business more effectively.
  • Have your business listed on PRE’s World Wide Web site.